A family project

Transmitted through generations

A committed hostess

For having spent there her childhood, Emilie keeps many memories of this place that will remain forever etched in her heart.
Welcoming and attentive, the one who knows this farm in every nook and cranny will make you feel at home in this rural setting.
With Karim, her husband, Emilie’s priority is that you feel so comfortable to want to relive this experience.

The Farm, a family story

The origins of La Halte du Sergeant date back to the 16th century. It was formerly known as Ferme Sainte-Renelde and Ferme du Laubecq, and belonged to one of the lords of the county of Hainaut.
For several years, the history of Emilie’s family has been ingrained and 4 generations are now linked to this exceptional place.
Romain Sergeant, Emilie’s grandfather, moved there in 1960 as a farmer. Many cultures and animal breeds made the reputation of the farm that took the name of Ferme Sergeant.

The agricultural business was taken over by Paul, Emilie’s father, who in turn paid tribute to the place by specializing in cereals.
Paul and his wife Maryse still live in the farm, and agriculture is still practiced there by their other son-in-law, Benjamin.

The ambition of a coutryside cottage

As the years passed, the condition of the buildings deteriorated. It was then that Emilie and Karim decided to renovate 2 stables. The first will become their home in January 2018. As for the second one, it will welcome you and offer you the expected escape and surroundings.