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From captivating historical sites to delectable local cuisine, Wallonia offers an array of activities for every taste. Visit our museums, explore nature trails, or enjoy gourmet treats right at home. Welcome to your Wallonia adventure! We selected a few things to do for you. Contact them, and book your activity 🙂

Let us know if you wish to know more and we’ll help you ! 

Useful info

You can find here under a set of activities we selected for you:

2Family activities
  • Eat an ice cream (during summer period) at our neighbour, Anouchka until August 18th,  2024. She is located 2 min walking distance from us 🙂
  • Park of Huizingen, a great place to visit, very large gardens and playground, as well as a few animals. More info on their website. 15 min by car from our place.
  • JoLi farm, privately-owned: a great place for kids ! playgrounds, animals, possibility to have a drink and somthinkg to eat. A must see ! More info on their website. 13 min by car from our place.
  • Park of Enghien, a beautiful park and its castle, no entry fee. Enjoy the gardens and woods (accessible with baby strollers). More info on their website. 10 min by car from our place.
  • Le Petit train du Bonheur, Rebecq. Train circuit + playground, suitable for kids. More info on their website.
  • Clown Kea City, Tubize – 3000 m² of interior amusement. More info on their website. 10 min by car from our place.
  • Pairi Daiza, the well know nature park, 30 min from our place. Enjoy a full day there ! Additional information on their website.
  • Oubéwe Brewery, a local micro brewery. Contact Olivier through his Facebook page.
  • Gueuze Tilquin, the only Gueuze in the Walloon region ! They organize tours for groups of at least 10 people, and ask 8.50 EUR per participant including the tour itself and 3 tastings. Contact them by email or through their website.
4Things you can organize at the house
5Local shops
6Take-away and ordering food
  • Famous Belgian Fries: Les Frérots, in Saintes, our village. Probably the best fries in the world 😉 Order here.
  • Mi Piaci, in Saintes, our village. Additional info on their website. Excellent pizzas. They don't deliver, but you can order and pick up.
  • Antica Sicilia, in Rebecq. Additional info on their website. They deliver.

Do mention you're coming from us ! you'll probably be better served 🙂


Mention that you're coming from us, and you'll be even better served 🙂

  • Mi Piaci, in Saintes, our village. 2 min by car. Additional info on their website.
  • Bistronomic Restaurant Delphine Ronsyn, in Bierghes. A bit less suitable with children. Additional info on their website. 7 min by car from our place.
  • After Set, in Rebecq. Restaurant of a tennis club. Small garden for kids, family friendly. Additional info on their website. 10 min by car.
  • Brasserie de Tubize, with outdoor playground. 8 min by car. Additional info on their website.
  • Da Flavio e i suoi Fratelli, in Rebecq, with outdoor playground. Additional info on their website. 5 min by car.
8Local folklore
  • Flea market and village celebrations, in Saintes. First week-end of September. More info on their Facebook page.
  • Saint-Veron military procession, Easter Monday, Tubize.
  • Sainte-Renelde procession, Sunday following Whit Monday, Saintes.
  • Saint Fiacre procession, 2nd Sunday of September, Wisbecq.
9History & architecture
  • Musée de la porte (The door Museum), Tubize – Archeology, art and history of Tubize
  • Moulin d’Arenberg (Mill of Arenberg), Rebecq – Milling demos, beer tasting
  • Puits de Sainte-Renelde (Well of Saint-Renelde), Saintes – Religious vestige
10Nature & walks
  • Ponds and waterfalls (water levels depend on rainfalls...) in Coeurq, Tubize. Additional info on their website.
  • Walks and hikes, additional info available on this website.
  • Totemus treasure hunt: GPS-app based treasure hunt, suitable for families with children over 10. Riddles can be difficult below this age. Free app, with a hunt in our village ! More info on their website.

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